Seasons Collection

Launched in the Spring of 2016 this brand new collection of Seasonal inspired, hand pulled screen prints takes inspiration from the flora and fauna of all four seasons.

The first two designs to be released from this new collection are Spring and Autumn, both designs look at the plants and flowers that we all associate with those particular times of year.

Stylized Hyacinths, Bluebells, Hellebores and Snowdrops have all been given a mid-century modern style twist in the Spring print.  The bold yet decorative motifs feature subtle details and illustrated textures.

Autumn takes it's inspiration from the fallen leaves and woodland flora found in that season.  The memories of a crisp, morning walk on an Autumn day are all captured in this design, kicking the dry leaves, collecting the fallen horse chestnuts and acorns, this design is a decorative reminder of those fresh, bright days.