Starbuck Screen Print

Starbuck Screen Print

New Screen Print Design - Starbuck

Bobbie Print's newest screen print design, Starbuck was launched at The Hepworth Wakefield at the end of March.

This design came to me almost fully formed whilst I was sat in a cafe. I'd been working on a design involving boats and ships but it just wasn't working out, then I had the idea that I could introduce a whale into the design and the shape of the whale could determine the outline of the print shape.

Bobbie Print Starbuck Screen Print Original Drawings

Unusually for me I didn't have a sketchbook or notepad with me so after a frantic scramble through my bag I managed to find two old receipts to draw on the back of, not very glamorous but it does make an interesting origin story for this particular print.

As with most of my prints it was important to me to introduce an element of pattern and in this print I wanted to do that in the waves/water. It took me a while and a lot of experimentation to find a technique that I was happy with but I think the simple wave shape worked best.

 Bobbie Print Starbuck Whale Screen PrintStarbuck is a character in Herman Melville's most famous book, Moby Dick so it seemed appropriate to name this print after that character.

Starbuck is available in one size (50cm x 70cm) from the Bobbie Print online shop.

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