Chichester Public Art Installation

Chichester Public Art Installation

Large scale Bobbie Print artwork brightens Northgate underpass

If you've read our previous blog posts you'll be familiar with our 'Chichester Cityscape' design.

It started life as an entry to the Design Collective Chichester open brief 'Illustrate Chichester'. It's now available as giclee prints, greeting cards and on a variety of products from The Novium in Chichester.

I have to say this is the most excited i've been about a licensing opportunity though. When I sat down to create the original design I always imagined it being quite small, i spent a lot of time zooming into small areas on my computer and putting in details that I thought only i would ever notice. Well i'm glad i took the time to do that because my 'Chichester Cityscape' design can now bee seen on a much larger scale - huge infact!

Chichester District Council approached me last year about the possibility of using my artwork in the refurbishment of the Northgate underpass in Chichester. You can now see the fully refurbished underpass which includes my artwork on both long stretches of wall.

The design needed a little bit of tweaking to make it fit the proportions of the underpass. You'll notice that unlike the giclee print the design repeats along the length of the underpass walls, they're really quite long! But i am a textile designer, repeats are my thing so that was fun to combine Bobbie Print with an element of repeat pattern. 

I made quite a few versions trying to decide on the scale of the design and the motifs within it but i think it's come together so well and really does make the underpass a much cheerier, brighter and more interesting place to pass through as you enter the city from the north.

Bobbie Print Chichester Cityscape Northgate Underpass

Bobbie Print Chichester Cityscape Northgate Underpass

The Sign Shop did a brilliant job of bringing my design to life, manufacturing and installing the printed panels in the underpass.

If you'd like your own A4 or A3 print or even a greeting card of the Cityscape design you can find them in our online shop.

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