Perfectly Wrapped Presents

Perfectly Wrapped Presents

NEW Gift wrap sheets and creative ways to re-use them.

Bobbie Print has a brand new product and it's one of my favourite things! I love a perfectly wrapped gift with beautiful wrapping paper (that not only looks lovely but also feels luxurious). But I am also conscious of sustainability and want my presents to be creatively wrapped whilst also being eco friendly.

Both of our new gift wrap designs are printed here in the UK onto FSC certified paper.

Our new wrapping paper sheets are available in two new designs, Murmuration and Pine Cone. Both designs take inspiration from the natural world and both flora and fauna appear on our gift wrap sheets.

Murmuration was inspired by flocking starlings whilst Pine Cone evokes a feeling of dense woodlands and forests with its botanical illustrations. Both designs encompass Bobbie Print's recognisable graphic style and nod to my love of the Scandinavian design aesthetic and mid-century design.

As well as being the perfect gift wrap for birthday and anniversary presents, I think Pine Cone in particular would be an unusual but striking Christmas gift wrap!

Reduce and Re-use your wrapping paper.

But after the holidays when the gifts have been given how do you reduce your wrapping paper waste and re-use that lovely paper? I have a couple of suggestions...

Bobbie Print's wrapping paper is 100% recyclable but make sure you remove any tapes, ribbons or bows before heading to the recycle bin, these probably aren't recyclable unless you've used paper tape (another thing to consider).

But what if you love the pattern and the paper and want to continue to enjoy it? I've got some creative options for you.. 

You could carefully remove any tape and frame a section of the wrapping paper, I've done this with both wrapping paper and wallpaper in the past and it always makes a statement especially if you group a few patterns together in frames and make a gallery style wall.


 It's also a pocket friendly choice, our wrapping papers are available in 50cm x 70cm sheets which just happens to be exactly the same size as our large screen prints! If your budget doesn't stretch to a hand pulled print why not think about framing a sheet of our wrap and making some DIY wall art?

There are also plenty of tutorials out there which show you how to reuse left over gift wrap to make your own gift bows and even tags. This is a great option if the paper you have can't be recycled (paper with foil print often can't be) and it's a fun, creative project. You could even combine left over patterned wrapping paper with brown paper - wrapping the gift in the plain brown paper and using off cuts of the patterned gift wrap as ribbon. If you used a ruler and a craft knife to cut the left over paper you'd get a lovely sharp edge and a nice straight paper ribbon to accessorise and elevate your modestly wrapped gift. 

The possibilities are endless, with a little creativity and imagination there are so many ways to re-use and repurpose our gift wrap.  Hopefully our wrapping papers are enjoyed several times over before they finally go in the recycle bin.
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