Cute Little Greeting Cards

Cute Little Greeting Cards

Adorably cute collection of mini greeting cards

When it comes to greeting cards, bigger isn't always better. In fact, there's something undeniably charming about receiving a sweet little greeting card.

Cute Little Green Budgie

My tiny, fun and unique cards are perfect for any occasion. Whether you need a card to send a lovely heartfelt birthday message, a romantic anniversary card to express your feelings or just a really nice, creative card to make a friend smile, these tiny little greeting cards are the way to go.

All my mini cards are risograph printed here in the UK.

But what is risograph printing?

If you're not familiar with risograph printing it's a similar process to screen printing in that a stencil is made for each colour that you want to print but instead of being exposed onto a flat screen as you would with screen printing, the stencil is wrapped around an ink drum. Each drum prints one colour and the paper that your design is printed onto has to pass through the risograph machine once for each colour that you want to print.

This is what leads to the characteristic risograph look of slight irregularity, the slight mis-alignment of the different coloured stencils means that each risograph print is unique in itself, no two prints will ever look exactly the same. 

This unique and quirky aspect of risograph printing combined with it's soft, powdery texture is what I love about the finished look of this print technique.

But it's also a great eco-friendly choice, it's a cold print process which means it's more energy efficient than other types of printing and it uses non toxic, soy based inks.

Which card to choose?

I've got almost every event covered, so don't worry - all my mini cards are blank inside so they're perfect any occasion cards. 

Beer Lover and Tea Lover Quirky birthday Cards

Even at A7 size there's plenty of room to write a meaningful message inside and fit an address and stamp on the envelope.

I've got cards for bird lovers, beer drinkers, cyclists and pet owners....these mini cards are perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, congratulations, Mother's Day and Father's Day and they'll all be sent out to you with a contrasting envelope wrapped in tissue paper completely plastic free!

Take a look at the entire greeting card collection here



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