The Hepworth Gallery Christmas Market 2017

The Hepworth Gallery Christmas Market 2017

The Hepworth Wakefield Christmas Market 2017

This month I was able to go home (to Wakefield) and take part in another Christmas Market at The Hepworth Gallery. Preparations for any show or fair begin well before the actual market and involve lots of wrapping and packing. I enjoy it, it's lovely to see the print and card designs completely finished and in their final packaging.

Bobbie Print Hepworth Wakefield Christmas Market 2017It can take a while to organise everything but it's all worth it in the end. It was exciting to prepare for this particular fair as it was the first time the our new risograph printed greeting cards were available.

Bobbie Print Riso Printed Greeting CardsThere are four new risograph printed greeting card designs: Little Otters, Summer Sloths, Winter Bear and Flock of Birds, all printed in either burnished gold or firework. 

Bobbie Print Riso printed greeting cards

Bobbie Print Hepworth Wakefield Christmas Market StallThe fair was great fun and felt so festive! At one point there was a brass band playing Christmas tunes, this alongside the Christmas tree and fairy lights made for a really lovely atmosphere.

Bobbie Print Christmas stall at the Hepworth Wakefield Christmas Market 2017I'm looking forward to the next event at the Hepworth which will hopefully be the Print Fair in March! Looking forward to seeing you there.

Merry Christmas!

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