Bobbie Print Screen Printed Wall Art featured on Print and Pattern Blog

Here I was scribbling away at my desk, thinking this is just an ordinary Wednesday....but no, not ordinary at all...Bobbie Print's wall art collection has been featured on the Print and Pattern Blog today! (Cue excited squeal!!)

As a huge fan of that blog I can't tell you how excited I was to see Bobbie Print wall art screen prints featured on the blog where so many other amazing designers have had their work shared.  

For me as a designer, Print and Pattern blog is a daily must read, it's always inspiring and often introduces me to designers or companies that I wasn't previously aware of.  

To read the full Print and Pattern blog feature on Bobbie Print please click here.

Bobbie Print Wall art feature on the Print and Pattern Blog

To find out more or to purchase any of the hand pulled screen prints and designs featured in this article take a look in the Bobbie Print online shop , head over to our Etsy Shop or check out our Bobbie Print stockists .

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