London Design Festival 2015 - Decorative Installation and Craftsmanship

London Design Festival 2015 Curiosity Cloud

At the end of September I was lucky enough to travel to London and visit some of the events being held to celebrate the London Design Festival.

 Bobbie Print visit to London Design Festival 2015 Decorative Installation and Craftsmanship

One of my favourite moments of the trip was viewing 'Curiosity Cloud', a collaboration between Mischer'traxler and Perrier-Jouet which was installed into the Norfolk House Music room in the V&A.

Photographs really don't do this installation justice, it was beautiful, enchanting, magical - I can't describe fully what a delight it was.

The piece took inspiration from Perrier-Jouet's connection to the Art Nouveau movement and the use of insect motifs within that period.  Each of the 250 mouth-blown glass globes contained a single, printed, laser-cut and hand embroidered insect.  

Approaching the installation everything seems quiet and dark but as I and other visitors moved closer the exhibit came to life.  

Each globe illuminates softly and the small creature inside begins to stir and appears to fly!  The more insects are disturbed the more the tinkle and trill of tiny metal wings against glass fills the little music room - it was a truly special experience.  

To walk next to and in-between these delicate glass globes was amazing, to learn more about the inspiration and craftsmanship behind the making of the piece makes the whole experience so much more special.

Curiosity Cloud has now been relocated to Perrier-Jouet's Maison in the Champagne region of France.  

I'll be posting more photos from my visit to the Design Festival soon, to keep up to date with all new Bobbie Print blog posts follow us on Twitter or Facebook.

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