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Work Space

Bobbie Print Behind the Scenes - Workspace

Bobbie Print began whilst I was working as a textile designer in Glasgow in 2015. Since then i've moved to West Sussex, first to Horsham last summer and finally last November to Chichester.

I've moved quite a long way geographically and also career wise. Bobbie Print started as something that I would fit in around working my day job as a designer, something that I would do in the evenings and grew into something that I was trying to fit in all the time (lunch times and on the bus or train), any spare time I could find!

Bobbie Print needed more of my time and I wanted to spend time on it so in November I took the decision to become a full time freelance designer. I'm able to devote more time to Bobbie Print and work on other design side projects and best of all i've got my own desk at home! No longer working on my laptop on my knee or trying to fit everything i'd like to do for Bobbie Print into the evenings.

I really like my desk, it gives me space to display some of my own prints and also some personal favourites, particularly 'FAST, GOOD, CHEAP' - pick two, you can only ever have two of the three in design terms :)

I've also got space to have a tower of design books close to hand which is always useful although if I get any more it might topple!

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