Illustrate Chichester Open Brief

Illustrate Chichester Open Brief

Design Collective Chichester Exhibition

When I relocated to Chichester from Glasgow in 2017 I was really pleased to find a thriving creative community, it's something I knew I would miss from my time in Glasgow.

I needn't have worried that i'd be leaving a creative community behind because the Design Collective Chichester is a great resource for creative people in the Chichester area providing an opportunity to meet with other like minded creatives in the local area to discuss ideas, opportunities and just to socialise.

So I was excited to join in with a brief which was set by the Design Collective earlier in 2018 which was entitled 'Illustrate Chichester'.

The brief was to create an A3 illustration of Chichester in any medium and in any style. TheĀ entries would then be gathered together in an exhibition celebrating the creative talent in Chichester and their responses to this brief.

The brief generated such a breadth of styles and creative ideas, all of them celebrating the city of Chichester in a variety of ways.

Design Collective Chichester 'Illustrate Chichester' Exhibition

'Illustrate Chichester' Design Collective Chichester Exhibition

Each entry could be ordered and purchased as a giclee print and was also available to licence...more about that in our next post!

'Illustrate Chichester' Exhibition

The exhibition was held in December at the Bo Concept store in Chichester.Ā 

To find out more about the event and the entries take a look at the Design Collective's articleĀ hereĀ and to read more about my own entry which you can see below take a look at theĀ Design Collective'sĀ article here.

Bobbie Print Entry to the Design Collective Chichester open Brief


When I heard about the Design Collectiveā€™s ā€˜Illustrate Chichesterā€™ brief, I knew I wanted to take part. The brief was open to your own interpretation and because Iā€™d only lived in Chichester for a fairly short time, I thought Iā€™d approach the brief a little like a tourist and focus on places and buildings that Iā€™d visited or liked.

The layout of the print developed quite naturally, the decision to give the city a sort of 2D, flattened feel allowed each buildingā€™s illustration to speak for itself. I consciously kept a consistent style across each individual illustration so that when all the elements came together the print didnā€™t look too confused and the overall style pulls the whole design together.

To see my print in more detail or to order an A4 or A3 copy follow this link to see the print in our online shop.

Photography of the Design Collective Chichester event by Julia Toms

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