Bobbie Print included in the Blog & Buy Sale Christmas Wishlist

Bobbie Print included in the Blog & Buy Sale Christmas Wishlist

Blog & Buy Sale Christmas Wishlist 2015

Very excited and honoured that a selection of Bobbie Print, hand pulled, screen prints have been selected and included in the Blog & Buy Sale Christmas Wishlist!

Blog and Buy Sale Christmas Wishlist 2015

'Shoal of Fish' and 'Drove of Hares' wall art have both been selected to be part of the 2015 Christmas Wishlist.  They can be found in the Prints & Art section of the wishlist.

Over 200 products from designers and makers have been chosen and included in the wishlist.  It's a great site to get inspiration for festive gifts!

I've chosen some of my favourites below, fingers crossed some of these gifts will be finding their way into my stocking on Christmas morning...hint hint Santa!!

'Hamster's Paradise' Mug - Hole in my Pocket

This just makes me laugh so much, I love this little mug!  Perfect to raise a smile with that first morning cup of coffee!  Designed by Hole in my Pocket and inspired by the Coolio song, 'Gangster's Paradise' this illustrated mug is the perfect gift for pet lovers and fans of ganster rap :)

Mistletoe Decoration - SewSew

I love Christmas and this decoration would make the perfect festive, decorating finishing touch on the Christmas tree or just to your holiday decor.

Made by SewSew from 100% wool, this decoration is just seriously cute!

SewSew Mistletoe Decoration

Eat, Drink & Be Merry - Letterpress Coasters - Sarah & Maude

Just one more mince pie? Might need a little tipple of something to go with it or even a nice cup of calming tea after all the holiday excitement, either way we're going to need a coaster and these are my festive choice!

Perfect for party season and great as a gift this set of six letterpress coasters are designed and produced by Sarah & Maude.

Sarah and Maude Letterpress coasters


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