Throwback Thursday - Matt Pugh Owl Workshop at Smug

October 28, 2015

Throwback Thursday Creative Pattern and Illustration Workshop

This week's Bobbie Print Throwback Thursday goes back to last year when I was lucky enough to take part in a workshop organised by Matt Pugh and the home and lifestyle store Smug.

Bobbie Print Matt Pugh Owl Workshop

The workshop involved choosing your own Matt Pugh, British designed Owl and designing patterns and illustrations to decorate the little fella :)

As you can see, first you have to prep the Owl.  This involved some rather careful masking taping!  Then the deliberation over what to adorn your Owl with...stripes, spots, text? Hmm, in the end I went for a simple floral, leafy pattern.  I though the white ink made a nice contrast against the blue of the Owl and the pink dots a nice, subtle highlight.

Bobbie Print Matt Pugh Owl workshop

In the end I think this little Owl turned out quite well :)  Here's a shot of him with the rest of his pack (group? buddies..parliament) before I took him home.

A really fun afternoon and a great experience.  Keep up to date with more Throwback Thursdays by following Bobbie Print on Facebook and Twitter.